Baby gorilla meets adopted mother

A baby gorilla, Afia, born at Bristol zoo over eight months ago has met its adopted mother for the first time.

Afia, who is a hand reared, is now spending her days with Western lowland gorilla Romina, 36, at the Zoo in Clifton. Romina showed strong maternal instincts to the keepers and as a result was chosen as Afias surrogate.

Preparations were made before  the gorillas met to ensure both were ready for this new experience.

Bristol Zoo’s Curator of Mammals, Lynsey Bugg said: “Since day one of Afia’s hand rearing, we have been planning on introducing her into the group within her first year to avoid imprinting and a lack of knowledge of gorilla specific behaviour later in life.”

According to Bristol Zoo, both gorillas are doing well and are enjoying learning from one another.

They will be monitored by staff via video cameras so the zoo can capture every moment of this special meeting.

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