Police urge ‘take simple precautions’ when using taxis

Police are urging people to take safety measures when using taxis in the city after a 53-year-old man who posed as a taxi driver was jailed for 12 months.

Athony Steven Cox, 53
Anthony Steven Cox, 53

Anthony Steven Cox, who pleaded guilty to two counts of false imprisonment at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday, collected two women in Corn Street in May who thought they were getting into a registered taxi.

When one of the women asked how much she owed for her part of the journey he told them he wasn’t a taxi and they attempted to exit the vehicle by opening one of the doors.

Cox eventually slowed down, which allowed the two women to jump out.

Investigating Officer Dai Nichols said: “This was a very frightening and distressing experience for these two young women who thought they were getting into a registered taxi.”

Police are asking people to take a few simple steps:

  • Always use a licensed taxi company and always carry a trusted company’s number.
  • Always ask the driver your name and the destination you ordered and always sit in the back, with a mobile phone.
  • If you have any issue with the driver, make a note of the car and drivers details and report him/her to the police or the City Council.

For more information see Avon & Somerset police’s “Keeping Yourself Safe” and Bristol City Council’s taxi information.


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