Stoptober: Free ‘quit smoking’ support for hospital staff

Hospital staff in Bristol are getting free one to one support to help them quit smoking.

The University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol) has appointed smoke-free expert Nichola Woodacre to encourage staff to quit and run 12 weeks of one to one sessions.

Employees working in a high pressured environment and those who have smoked for a long time may find it harder to quit, according to Nichola.

She said: “It is important staff can set an example to patients and visitors, to promote healthier living and good practice at our hospitals.”

The work coincides with the Stoptober campaign for October which is spreading the message that if you stop for 28 days you’re five times more likely to quit for good.

The response to the sessions have seen some success from staff including Rachel Hartles, a reception and print supervisor at UH Bristol, who said: “I was given a wealth of information about the health benefits of quitting, financial savings and methods to achieve my goal without having to go cold turkey.”

“It’s been two weeks, I’ve smoked one and a half cigarettes, used and inhaler and patches and I can already notice a difference in myself.”

“My chest feels more open and I feel much more alert. I am now at the same level as someone who doesn’t smoke and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Of the 50 employees seen in the sessions by UH Bristol 26 are now smoke-free.


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