Artists turn empty buildings into galleries

Using empty shops as art galleries could be a new way for Bristol’s artists to establish their name.

Cities are seeing more and more disused buildings on high streets. Yet Bristol artists are taking part in an innovative way of launching their careers by transforming empty shops into art galleries.

One group of artists has created an exhibition in a vacant shop in The Arcade called ‘Under: Exchange’.

Flavia Terzian, a fine arts graduate and member of the group, said: “I enjoy the benefits of sharing art in such spaces. You can connect with so many like-minded people. It’s not intimidating and you can broaden your perspectives.”

Project member and fine artist Tom Goldstone said: “Bristol provides platforms for emerging artists that other cities have yet to do.”

In Broadmead there are currently three empty shops. Like many big cities, Bristol suffers from having vacant units as many cannot afford the rent. On a larger scale the closure of big chains such as BHS has left yet more unoccupied space.

bristol artist flavia terzian
Flavia Terzian experiments with shapes to use in her art.

The gallery has an open-door policy, so art lovers are welcome to visit and discuss the project. The final show will run from 27 October until 30 October 2016.

Story by:
Chloe Dell (words, research, audio recording, layout design)
Harley Hodges (interviewing, images, research, words, audio editing)

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