National HIV Testing week: Free tests for at risk individuals

Terrence Higgins Trust in Bristol will be holding free HIV tests at their centre in Old Market from tomorrow.

The scheme is aimed predominantly at gay and bisexual men, as well as black African men and women. These groups make up seven out of 10 people in the UK living with HIV.

Tests will be available from 19 November- 25 November, as part of National HIV Testing week, which has been launched by HIV Prevention England (HPE).

Bristol has the second highest number of cases of HIV in the south west, according to the latest statistics.

The testing week has been praised by people living in the city for promoting the benefits of regular testing and treatment.

Last year 39 per cent of people in the UK newly diagnosed with HIV were already in the late-stages.

Despite the stigma surrounding the disease, the response to the launch has been positive and enthusiastic from those living in the area.

The aim of the week is to encourage early detection and therefore begin treatment. Treatment can also reduce the amount of HIV in the body, at which point it cannot be passed on.

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