Travellers leave Shirehampton’s Daisy Field covered in rubbish

The Daisy Field in Shirehampton was left littered with cans of drink, gas canisters and used nappies after a group of travellers camped there illegally for several days.

Bristol North West MP, Charlotte Leslie, whose constituency includes the Daisy Field, told Bristol Wired, she was ”sick” of finding travellers camped on land illegally.

However, she also defends travellers rights to choose their lifestyle, and notes residents do not dislike travellers, but says there is no excuse for this behaviour.

After complaints of verbal abuse and and damage to the field’s gate were made to Bristol City Council, the travellers, who were living in five caravans were evicted by Monday morning.

Photos of the state the Daisy Field was left in, taken from Charlotte Leslie’s facebook page

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Council officers promised that the mess would be cleaned up, according to a post on Charlotte Leslie’s website.

A Twitter user was not impressed, asking why others should clean up their mess;


We contacted The Traveller Movement, but they were unavailable for comment.

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