Sexual violence support group wins crowd funding night

Attendees of the fourth Bristol Soup, a crowd funding event for local community projects, choose sexual violence support group Safe Space to receive the cash. 

Bristol Soup is a volunteer-led project which organises fundraising events for local community initiatives. Held in donated locations around Bristol, each participating charity gets four minutes to pitch their ideas and field questions from the crowd. Those attending pay £4 for a hearty bowl of soup and a vote for their chosen cause.

On 22 February 2017,  five representatives from Bristol based projects pitched to the win the cash for their cause and explain what they would do with the money.

They included: The Jam Plan, which turns leftover produce into preservatives for shelters, Berry Maze, a group who want to clean up the Malago Greenway with the help of the local primary school, Natural Learners, an urban gardening group and Jessie May, a children’s hospice.

Safe Space's pitch Photo: Miona Martic
Safe Space’s pitch Photo: Miona Martic

The winners of the funding from Tuesday’s event was Safe Space, a survivor-led sexual violence project that offers a free and non-judgemental space where women can seek informal support. The group won £334, with £204 being made in pre-sale tickets. Adebah Iqbal and Meg Baker, pitched for Safe Space and Baker described the feeling when the pair won “It just means so much to us to know we have your support. Thank you.”

The pair agreed that the experience was not just about the money. “The networking opportunity is amazing here. It’s really good for us to meet other people in the community ” Iqbal says.

Facebook Post from Safe Space Bristol
Facebook Post from Safe Space Bristol

The organiser of the event, Jenny Briggs, describes how she started the Bristol Soup Project because of an article about the Soup project in Detroit and couldn’t wait to start something up in Bristol. “This type of event can offer so much – it is important for people to see where their money is going and have an active part in the crowdfunding process,” Briggs says.

Previous winners include the Bristol West Indian Phoenix Cricket Club and Legs 4 Africa, a project which provides prosthetic limbs to sub-Saharan Africa.

Briggs says that part of the benefit of these events is the networking and the pitching practice that the participants get on the night, which helps to secure future opportunities and build contacts. Past events have also seen attendees volunteer their time and build websites for some of the causes which have pitched.

“It’s so much more than just the money, it’s about the collaborations that happen on an evening like this” says Briggs

Raluca McKett of the Berry Maze initiative in Bedminster says “Bristol Soup is good for Bristol because it is unique, it’s a community hub”

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