Would you tune in to all-female radio station?

According to a survey of 700 news professionals conducted by City University London in 2015, the British journalism industry is 94% white and 55% male.

Additionally, 94 men and only 20 women were shortlisted for the 2016 British Press Awards.

This is an issue that women in media in Bristol came together to discuss on Wednesday at the Venus Bar on Gloucester Road.

“It’s 2017 – do we still need single-gendered, female-focused broadcasting to promote equality or should we be working 50/50 alongside each other?” asks Sheryl Hart at the beginning of the debate. Hart is a radio presenter in BCfm10 and was the debate moderator of the evening.

Sheryl Hart, radio producer. Credits: Malva Torres

Kizzy Morrell, presenter in Ujima Radio, Steffie Barnett, radio producer and Jackie Wilson, founder of Passion Radio, took part in a panel discussion.

“This debate will always go off in lots of different directions as it is an important topic, that is why it should be on the agenda, not necessarily in International Women’s Day,” says Sheryl Hart.

‘Women in media: separate or integrate?’, was the main question on the table during the debate and for Patrick Hart, radio presenter and event co-ordinator this is important for all genders.

Patrick Hart, radio presenter. Credits: Malva Torres

“This year we thought let’s debate outside the studio and include men in that debate. It’s important because inequality is there, men are always running everything. So this is an opportunity to shout out loud and celebrate our women,” says Patrick Hart.

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