Art: Unloved – ‘The Forgotten Holocaust’

Artist Nick Hale’s exhibition, ‘Unloved’ opened today at the Centrespace gallery in Bristol City Centre. The installation is 4×7 metres and contains six million single grains of white rice.

The exhibition is not fixed and is kept in place by a simple frame of wood. Each grain of rice represents a small white coffin to raise awareness for the six million children who die every single year from preventable causes.

Nick discusses the reason for creating the installation:

The installation also includes a cushion for meditation along with a chair for those with disabilities so they are able to admire and appreciate his work. The installation  aims to promote awareness of the six million children who die needlessly every year by creating a space where people are able to reflect in a calm and tranquil environment.


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Nick’s installation will be at the Centrespace gallery in the City Centre until Wednesday 22 March 2017.

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