Red Nose Day funds support Bristol mums

Today marks Red Nose Day, and people across Bristol are joining the rest of the UK in raising money for Comic Relief. 

First launched in 1985, Comic Relief is a charity which aims to tackle poverty and injustice around the world.

In Bristol, 18 organisations currently benefit from the charity’s grant money.

Among them is the Bluebell Care Trust, which helps mothers and families with the effects of antenatal and post-natal depression.

“I realised how difficult it was to get the help I needed”

Post-natal depression affects between 10 and 15 women out of every 100.

One sufferer was Ruth Jackson. She founded Bluebell in 2010, after suffering from both antenatal and post-natal depression.

She spoke to us about why she set up the organisation.

Bluebell Place supports aims to help whole families. They offer advice and help for mothers, but also support fathers and children. Since last year, they’ve received £83,000 from Comic Relief.

Bluebell are also a member of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance,  an organisation calling for the mental health of mothers to be monitored,

Red Nose Day
The Bluebell Care hub, on Quay Street, offers parents a place to seek advice. Photo credit: Helen West.

Comic Relief have 102 projects in the West, and a further 85 in the South West. They publish a full list of the destinations of their grant money on their website.

If you think you may be suffering from antenatal or post-natal depression, contact your GP or Mind.

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