First Bristol Bus fare prices to rise

First bus are increasing their prices on Sunday 2 April for single tickets bought on the bus.

A short trip that costs £1.70 will now cost £2.00 and the long trip will also rise from £2.70 to £3.00.

Only Bristol Inner Zone tickets will increase but the Outer Zone tickets will not be affected by the fare changes.

”We are encouraging our customers to stop buying tickets on the bus”

Even though, the prices are increasing the mTickets (tickets bought on your mobile phone through their app) and the touch card will not be affected.

First Bristol is encouraging people to avoid using cash and switch to using their smartphones.

James Freeman, Managing Director of First Bristol said: ”We are encouraging our customers to stop buying tickets on the bus and instead switch to using mTickets on our popular mobile phone app, or Touch smart card for people without a smart phone.”

“Not only will passengers save money, but by adopting mTickets they will help speed up boarding times and help the bus be more punctual or get to its end destination quicker.”

Travellers have different opinions about the fares going up:

 The following is data from First Bus showing the difference in times when using cash rather then mTickets:

According to First Bristol, since October 2016, over 20% of tickets bought in Bristol are mTickets,  leading to less delays at bus stops.

First Bus says that over 100,000 mTickets have been purchased between 29 January to 11 February 2017.

Even though they have not changed the fares for the Bristol Outer Zone tickets, they have now combined these tickets with Bath Outer Zone, making it possible to travel to Clevedon, Thornbury, Chippenham or Frome.

First Bristol hopes to reduce waiting and queuing times making the rest of the bus journey run more smoothly.

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