Wills Memorial Building: Time for a name change?

A petition has been started by Bristol University students to rename the Wills Memorial building which houses the university’s law department and graduation ceremonies.  

The iconic Bristol University building located at the top of Park Street is facing pressure to change its name, as it is named after slave trader,  Henry Overton Wills III.

They argue that the name needs to be changed to promote diversity and inclusivity at the university, which the university itself is committed to.

Although the students who started the petition, which currently has over 600 signatures, recognise that the Wills family have invested heavily in the university, they believe this does not offset the means of slavery, and they wish for the university and city to end its  “homogeneous toleration of slave profiteers”, and give the building a name the university can be proud of.

The 360 degree photo below is in the entrance of the building.

Photo credit: Jack Tunstall

Bristol University Students gave their opinion on the matter.

The slideshow below shows images of the building from the inside and outside.

[metaslider id=4085]

There is also a similar campaign to rename  Colston Hall, which is named after slave trader, Edward Colston.

Do you think the Wills Memorial building’s name should be changed? Give your view below.

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