New Cribbs ice rink and ski slope given the green light

Plans for a new leisure development were approved yesterday including an ice rink, ski venue and a skydiving centre.

The application by Baylis Estates Ltd., intu and  M&G Real Estate were granted planning permission on the condition the Secretary of State can review the plans. If the development plans haven’t been called in (rejected) after 21 days the plans can go ahead.

The site is located within the Bristol North Fringe and the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood, just off the M5 and Merlin Road.

Location of development. Photo credit: South Gloucestershire Council

The call for an ice rink to return to Bristol has been ongoing since 2012 with the closure of the previous rink on Trenchard Street, now student accommodation.

The return of an ice rink to Bristol could mean the return of the Bristol ice hockey team, the Bristol Pitbulls. Since the closure in 2012 the team have had to play all their home games in Oxford.

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