Bristol beats London as UK’s smartest city

A recent study has crowned Bristol as the UK’s smartest city thanks to its innovative approach to future technologies.

The study, conducted by Navigant Consulting and commissioned by Huawei UK, saw the city compared against 20 others with a variety of criteria including green technology, transport and accessibility. Bristol was followed on the list by London, Manchester and Birmingham which took second, third and fourth place respectively.


 The organisation set up by the University of Bristol and the British City Council, ‘Bristol is Open’ has been one of the key players in fore fronting Bristol’s  innovative technological development. This particular scheme was funded by local, national and European governments.


Bristol is open 2

Phase 2 stage plan of Mesh Network. Credit: Bristol is open

Bristol is Open is the “next digital revolution” which will “connect people, places and things”. The technology collects live data from people’s smart phones and is shared anomalously to an operating system, before being merged into a single network that can monitor aspects of daily city life, including live news events, pollution levels and traffic flow.

The project, which will be offered on a voluntary basis, will initially be set up in Bristol city centre, with the ultimate goal being for it to be spread to the surrounding areas, including North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

“We will have fun with creative

content flowing through the network at new speeds, for example, projecting 3D images into the night sky or holding a music concert across multiple venues in the city at the same time.” – Bristol is Open

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, has acknowledged the success of this project and is an active supporter of innovation within the city.

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