Bristol kebab shop fire breaks locals’ hearts

Many hearts were broken as one of Bristol’s most treasured takeaways caught fire last night.

Established in 1970, The Grecian Taverna on Gloucester Road has been a hotspot for those seeking a bite to eat for over four decades.

Eight fire engines arrived to extinguish the blaze. Other emergency services quickly arrived to help evacuate residents living in the surrounding flats. No casualties have been reported and damage is considered superficial.

The fire started at approximately 6:45pm, with customers, local residents and bypassers crowding to watch the scene unfold. Many shared their videos and photos across social media.

Avon Fire & Rescue Services were quick to react, reaching the scene promptly and controlling the flames using a turntable ladder and hose reel.


One of the residents was stopped from re-entering the building to retrieve their pet hamster by the police.

At 9pm, as the situation was brought under control by the emergency services, a witness from the scene reported that the cause of the fire came from the flat behind the takeaway.

This was later confirmed by the emergency services and the owner of the building as the premises were inspected.

The aftermath

Many of the local residents and loyal customers were “sad” and found the whole thing a “bit depressing”.

Shop owners within the vicinity saw what happened, reporting that it was a “strange and surreal experience”.

The owner of The Grecian, Ali, stated that previous reports made by the local press were incorrect. Charcoal remnants from the machinery had come into contact with the fire from the flat behind, causing widespread damage to the premises.

With restoration works now underway, Ali is hopeful that The Grecian will reopen on Monday.

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