Cycling superhighway delayed

Work is underway on a new cycling “super highway” from South Gloucestershire to Bristol City Centre.

Clair Young, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Westerleigh ward on the South Gloucestershire to Bristol centre cycle path after workmen struck an uncharted sewage pipe. According to Liberal Democrat councillor for Westerleigh: “Work should start again shortly for completion in the spring.”

According to, 102 cyclists died on Britain’s roads, a 2% increase on 2015.

Gary Embury, senior lecturer at the University of the West of England says: “A cycling super highway would be useful for someone like me who commutes so often on a busy road.” He goes on to say: “The road that I used to go along, the A369, is really dangerous – I have had various collisions.”

Student cyclists also say the route will be useful, however, they also say “cycle paths separate from the traffic will help people get into it.” The general opinion seems to be that this cycle path is important to increase cycle safety.

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