Preparations are underway for #MeToo protest in Bristol this evening

Hundreds of people are expected to take to the streets of Bristol tonight for the #MeToo protest.

Bristol are taking the globally trending hashtag #MeToo to the streets and marching in solidarity with all victims of any assault.

The hashtag, a rallying cry against sexual assault and harassment, has gone viral since allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced in Hollywood.

MJ Osbourne organised the event on Facebook.

Protestors of tonight’s event are due to gather at Queen Square at 6pm. The protest will feature a women’s only space at the front but is open to all who want to join in solidarity.

MJ Osbourne has been updating the #MeToo protest’s Facebook group throughout the day with updates of her preparation.

MJ preparations fb post















In the run up to the event, MJ Osbourne called on the local community for support and help with preparation for tonight’s event.

Banner preparation is under way for tonight's event,
















Tonight’s Bristol protest comes after the people of London recently filled the pavements of Trafalgar square in a silent protest against the shocking volume of sexual assault occurring on a daily basis – of which both men and women are victim.


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