‘Tent City’ uprooted by police

Mystery surrounds the fate of a group of rough campers from Eastville Park after police removed them yesterday.

‘Tent City’ was formed at the entrance to the park closest to the M32 during the summer. All that is left in the area now are some abandoned tents and sleeping bags.

Alex, who has been living in a caravan under the motorway for almost a month, said : “Loads of people were living in tents just across the motorway. [Last night] there was a big police van and police car and they got removed.”

When asked if he knew where they had been moved to he said “just away from here”.

Illegal static encampments can be found in a number of places across the city. As many as 35 vehicles are parked around Greenbank Cemetery and around 20 caravans are under the M32 overpass.

Those living in these spaces prefer to be called ‘van dwellers’ rather than travellers as they say that they are only living there after being priced out of the housing market in Bristol.

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Bristol City Council and Avon and Somerset Police have been contacted to provide a statement.

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