‘Engaging with Conflict’ at Bristol City Hall

People in Bristol are being encouraged to see the positive side of conflict as part of 2017’s Restorative Justice Week.

An ‘Engaging with Conflict’ workshop has been delivered by Hen Wilkinson and Sui-Ming Hart – members of the city’s Community Resolve team – at the City Hall.

The workshop’s aim is to help people who have struggled with issues of conflict move forward, as well as teaching people how to deal with conflict and use it in a positive manner.

It’s also targeted at helping those who work with young people, as they often find themselves engaged in conflict with them.

Mark Parry
Mark Parry, one of the workshops organisers

Mark Parry, a crime reduction projects officer for Bristol City Council, came up with the idea alongside other members of the Restorative Bristol Board, which he coordinates.

He said: ”We’re trying to get a bigger group of people using restorative practices and approaches. We’re also trying to give a better understanding of what a restorative practice or approach actually looks like.

”We want to achieve a sense of understanding between the people involved in conflict. We want to show the people who’ve caused harm or conflict what it can do to others. That will open up a conversation between the two individuals and help them hopefully move on.”

Around 25 people were taking part in the workshop and participating in discussion, group work and problem solving exercises.

Listen to some of their views on the workshop below.






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