Students feed for free on supermarket waste

The University of the West of England fed students for free last night with their Bring Your Own Bowl event.

Food that would otherwise have been thrown away by supermarkets, was gathered by the Student Union and the university Green Team.

All cooked up in the SU kitchen, the pasta, bread, salad, and fruit was freely available to all.

Student rep Chelsea said: ”Originally it was set up as a community event, and brought in as an initiative to help build community. But also is a play on the term ‘Bring Your Own Bottle.’

The scheme works in collaboration with Fairshare the Co-Op to gather food.

Whilst reducing food waste and promoting sustainability, the event also¬†encouraged students to eat, hopefully eradicating the notion that ”eating is cheating” when consuming alcohol.

”It goes against that social myth that eating is cheating”

Also present at the event was Bristol Waste, promoting the use of food waste bins. When recycled, the food waste is converted into energy by Genico which then helps to power Bristol.

Bristol Waste Community engagement officer Ed said: ”we want people to dispose of their waste properly”.

In UWE’s student safety statement they inform that: ”The Advice Centre based in the SU can provide friendly, non-judgmental and confidential advice around support for alcohol and drug use.”

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