Marvin Rees urges local business owners to pledge to make Bristol a better city

The mayor of Bristol has called on businesses to help make the city a better place to live and work.

Marvin Rees was speaking at the One City conference at Ashton Gate this morning and called on guests to “draw inspiration from other people’s successes”.

More than 150 representatives of local and national companies attended the event, designed to encourage businesses to support the city’s 2050 plans.

Mr Rees said the aim was to “develop new ideas, mobilize resources and work together to create better places’’.


Speaking to UWE journalists Mayor Rees stressed it is ”not a government plan, not a health plan, not a business plan”.

“The idea is to work out a plan for the whole of the city,” he added.

“By that I mean, you don’t get good health outcomes unless you have good quality employment, you don’t get good employment outcomes without good housing, the education system. All these component parts of Bristol are interdependent.”

Marvin Rees
Marvin Rees speaking to UWE journalists.

The One City Plan is the council’s effort to make a city that is more inclusive, sustainable, equal, diverse and collaborative.

So far it engaged more than 378 strategic partners, set up six pop-in sessions focused on the development and three public engagement events.
Bristol has had many successes in the past years. By fear of crime falling and becoming the center of arts and entertainment it has attracted a range of professionals from around the country and became one of the most desireble city to live in the UK.

However, there’s still a lot to work on. At least 53 areas of Bristol are ranked in the 10% most deprived in the country with a clear gap in life expectancy. Shortage of home and traffic congestion are constant problems and there are significant problems around children living in provety.

Sumita Hutchinson, Chair of the Commission of Race Equality believes that the city doesn’t have a choice anymore. ”We have serious challenges and threats ahead, climate change, reduction of resources and the only way to tackle these issues is through collaborating as a city and sharing a vision and moving forward with that vision.”

Sumita Hutchison, Chair of the Commission and Race Equality
Sumita Hutchison, Chair of the Commission and Race Equality

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