New app aims to tackle mental health problems in the UK

A new app launched yesterday in Bristol aims to support people of all ages struggling  with mental health issues. 

With suicide and mental health problems at a all-time high in the UK, the disTRACT app aims to provide people with easy access to information and suicide prevention resources.

The disTRACT app offers easy access to mental health help and information. (Figures from Samaritans

The app provides a discreet way of accessing information for people suffering from mental health problems who often find it hard to communicate the issues.

Director of UK charity Self-Injury support said: “I think the app can help people understand why they are using self injury and then they are better equipped to talk to someone in ‘real life.'”
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One of Bristol’s youth mayors, Jack Payne, added: “It’s great that the new disTRACT app can offer easy access to support and guidance when it’s needed most – discreetly and sensitively.”

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