‘Bristol Legends’ tea towel to care for homeless at Christmas

More than 30 Bristol Legends are to be immortalised on a tea towel in a bid to support the homeless at Christmas.

The unusual project is a collaboration between Crack magazine and Bristol based illustrator Christopher Wright, who came to the idea through a desire to take social responsibility seriously, alongside the need to tackle Bristol’s growing homeless problem around Christmas.

The shortlist of  34 ‘Legends’ was decided through a pub conversation about the many larger than life characters that Bristol has produced and how best to honour them.

The ‘Bristol Legends’ include: Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Jenny Jones (Olympic Snowboarder), Massive Attack and Big Jeff among many others.

Olympic Snowboarder Jenny Jones points to herself on the teatowel
Olympic Snowboarder Jenny Jones points to herself on the teatowel.                       Credit – Absolute Bristol Legends

Priced at £10, all of the profits will go towards local homeless charity Caring in Bristol who will use the money to provide support for homeless people in Bristol 365 days of the year.

You can buy the teatowel from Crack magazines website and the ‘Absolute Bristol Legends’ page.

With homelessness in Bristol more of an issue now than ever, Mayor Marvin Rees has pledged to address this problem.

Bristol City Council’s draft corporate strategy states that “preventing people becoming homeless and reducing the overall level of homelessness, with no-one needing to spend a ‘second night out’” is a high priority with Marvin Rees promising to build 2,000 new homes, including 800 affordable, by 2020.

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