Anti-terrorist bollards placed in Bristol city centre

Concrete anti-terrorist bollards have been put in place in Bristol city centre in an attempt to prevent terrorist attacks.

Europe has seen a rise in the number of vehicles being used as a weapon for terrorists groups in the last 18 months, particularly following the incident on Tower Bridge in London in June this year.

Jim Gillman, Civil Protection Manager at Bristol City Council, who is in charge of organizing this operation, said that the bollards have been designed to act as a “physical and visual deterrent for those who might want to drive cars off the highway into the high footfall areas”.

The council put them in place in early November in anticipation for the busy Christmas period.

Jim Gillman, Civil Protection Manager, Bristol City Council. Photo: Ami Wyllie
Jim Gillman, Civil Protection Manager, Bristol City Council. Photo: Ami Wyllie









A spokesperson from the Police ‘cop shop’ said that they couldn’t comment about the bollards, but said he was “in the dark about it as much as we are and was surprised when he saw the Lego bricks pop up in the center”.

Anti-terror bollards (1)
Anti-terror bollards. Photo: Ami Wyllie

Despite a recent propaganda release from terrorist group ISIS that threatened to target Christmas markets in the UK and Europe, Mr Gillman denied that these bollards were erected in response to this particular threat.

Isis threat
Isis threat. Photo: Daily Express

Instead, he said it was a decision made in conjunction with the government and the local police due to the fact that the Terrorism Threat Level is currently “severe”.

”The bollards are just being used as a safety precaution. There is no need to be alarmed as there is no indication of a threat in Bristol” Gillman said.



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