Bristol gamers ‘Jingle Jam’ raise over £2.5 million for charity in seven days

Bristol-based gaming company Yogcast has raised over £2.5 million for charity in just seven days.

Yogscast are an internet production company who have over seven million YouTube subscribers worldwide.

They have been running their annual Jingle Jam event since 1 December, which sees them live stream content and offer users unique gaming bundles to purchase. All the proceeds go to seven unique charities, as well as an alternative option to donate to a charity of your choice.

One of the charities benefiting from this is The Grand Appeal, which is also based in Bristol, with the money being put towards new medical facilities and equipment for the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

CEO Mark Turpin is delighted with the success: “We’ve always been aware of The Grand Appeal, we’re based in Bristol and I grew up in here. I saw the amazing work there and where the money goes, it was one of those things that once you’ve done that, you can’t not raise money for a cause like that because it’s truly spectacular what they do there.”

Yogscast has already beaten the £2.5 million total from last year and Turpin hopes that they can improve on this: “I was just hoping to match last years total. I would love to hit $4 million, but with the pace that things have been going, who knows. We could raise upwards of 5, maybe even 6 million”.

Jingle Jam continues until the end of December, with the festive season in full swing the total amount is set to rise and help change lives in Bristol and around the world.

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