Bristol Underground rail to be delivered ‘within 10 years’

A new £4billion underground rail network is set to be built in Bristol within 10 years, says Mayor Marvin Rees.

The three-line network would connect Bristol Airport with the city centre, and also include lines through the north and east of the city.

Marvin Rees flew to China last week in a bid to secure funding London-style system, which he proposed as a “significant investment opportunity”.

Transport consultant, Peter Weston, said over the next 20 years Bristol is set to have another 100,000 houses built, and 80,000 new jobs, meaning “the present systems aren’t going to work as they are”.

These new developments are needed because of the proposed 80,000 new jobs and 100,000 new houses to be created in Bristol.

Many Bristolians feel the Council should be focusing on other issues such as homelessness and children in need.

The Conservative and the Liberal Democrat parties have not commented on the developments.

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