University of Bristol to examine legacies of slavery

University of Bristol has become the first university in England to join an international team studying the legacy of the slave trade.

The Bristol team, from the newly formed Centre for Black Humanities, is joining Universities Studying Slavery (USS), which is dedicated to developing a fuller picture of the Atlantic slave economy.

It will allow institutions to work together to address issues dealing with race and inequality in higher education, as well as the complicated legacies of slavery in modern American society.

Dr Andrea Livesey, a lecturer from the Department of History, said: “Throughout, the aim is to tackle difficult questions about both the historic realities of slavery and the slave trade, its continuing impact, and the ways in which it has been remembered.”

The University has also recently developed a new short course called ‘Ways into History’ that considers the history of slavery, with a particular focus on the city of Bristol and its role in the slave trade.

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