Police arrest man over greeting card harassment

Police arrest man over greeting card harassment

A 68-year-old man has been arrested by police over threatening greetings cards sent to a woman in the Bristol area.

The arrest of a man from the east Somerset area comes after an appeal was made by the police, who released images of the threatening cards via social media.

The cards featured a distinctive sign-off including a large X with four small Xs around it.

The animal-themed greeting cards contained threatening messages from the self-confessed stalker and have been investigated by police for over two years.

After two years with no leads an arrest was made only 48 hours after the appeal was launched and picked up by local media, such as BBC Bristol, who helped promote the campaign.

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Detective Constable Patrick Prescott said: “The content is becoming increasingly sexually explicit and aggressive in nature and includes threats to commit rape and stalking offences.”

A statement from Avon and Somerset Police said: “The arrest relates to greeting cards containing threats sent to a woman in the Bristol area. The man was interviewed and released under investigation while our enquiries continue.”

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