Warning as Bristol litter fines to go up

A man fined for dropping a cigarette in the city centre has warned fellow Bristolians as the fines for dropping litter are set to increase.

The city council introduced a £70 fine for dropping litter in January.

The fine is set to rise to £100 on 1 April.

People who cannot pay their fine could be taken to court and pay fine costing up to £2,500.

Ben Daley, aged 22, was caught yesterday by an Enforcement officer and forced to pay £70.

He said: “Don’t litter! Better to be safe than sorry’’.

Ben added: “This charge is affecting me emotionally because I do not have the money to pay.”

According, to a Bristol council spokesperson interview by the Bristol Post: “We will not tolerate littering in Bristol. We all want to see a cleaner city and that will have to mean less litter on our streets, parks and waterways’’.

He also justified the fine by saying: “Bristol residents have told us that litter is a problem in the city and the number of people fined for littering offences so far supports this view’’.

The fines are structured to escalate over time. If an offender pays within 10 days, it will be £50.

However, this new enforcement sees the full fine going up to £100 from 1 April.

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