World’s first tiny cookery school comes to Bristol

World’s first tiny cookery school comes to Bristol

A Bristol-based food company has launched the world’s first Tiny Cookery School at St Nicks Market in the city centre.

Inspiration came from Instagram, which published ‘tiny food’ content that has gone viral in recent years.

The team decided to bring these images to life and create a unique dining experience for local residents.

Even the equipment is small. Guests are giving tiny saucepans, tiny bowls and plates, as well as tealight to fire up their miniature ovens.

Organiser, Thom Whitchurch, said: “I’ve been practicing cooking tiny dishes at home quite a lot – much of the equipment comes from children’s doll houses. It’s fun and people have really enjoyed it.”

One attendee at the event said: “However fiddly and annoying, you actually feel like you’ve accomplished a lot by the time you put it on the plate.”

Dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, fish finger sandwiches, chicken fajitas and a mix of dinky desserts were on the menu, with guests having fun with the list of tiny ingredients.

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