Bristol arena: Marvin Rees says ‘wait for the evidence’

Bristol arena: Marvin Rees says ‘wait for the evidence’

Marvin Rees said he is still waiting for evidence which could help the council decide the location of the Bristol Arena.

The Mayor of Bristol wanted to ensure the decision is evidence based, managed well and delivered a long-term solution for Bristol.

Full Council debated the issue on Tuesday night but “The decision has not been made and we are building an evidence base to ensure that we are best positioned to make the right decision for Bristol.”

The council has been reviewing how they can build an affordable arena in the location.

Mr Rees stressed that Nottingham arena only broke even thanks to an additional ice rink and that they have a responsibility to ”ensure this project is sustainable and supports Bristol for 50 years”. Despite the Green Party’s democratic victory, the ultimate decision is in Mr Reese’s hands.

The vote in city hall was slim, with a victory for the greens
The vote in city hall was slim, with a victory for the greens

Furthermore, he touched on the topic of building the arena with private funding.

He raised the opportunity of using the funds that would have been spent on the arena to develop Temple Island and to ”change the catalytic situation there.”

Mr Reese also addressed Malaysian investment company YTL who previously offered to build the arena at the Barbazon hangar on Filton airfield.

“We would be foolish to ignore that offer, given what we already know about the rising costs of the existing project, the level of risk in running an arena and the risk in a construction of this scale.”

He reminded us “If we overspend as a result of a rush and make an ill informed decision, the council will end up having to choose what housing projects, what infrastructure and even, what services we don’t want to fund.”

£9million has already been spent on the Temple Quay Arena Island site, which is backed by a 5,500 signature strong petition.

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