Sport Relief: Ping pong robot challenges public

Sport Relief: Ping pong robot challenges public

The West of England Sport Trust (Westport) have challenged the public to play ping pong against their ping pong-playing robot to raise money for Sport Relief.

The robot, which was set up in the ping pong parlor at the Galleries in the city center, is a professional-grade robot used to train the UK Olympic table tennis team.

Shoppers were challenged to return 30 balls served by the robots at various directions and speeds.

Challengers were asked to leave a donation for Sport Relief.

Rodger, who took part in the challenge, said: “I’m here on my lunch break. It’s great to have a bit of exercise to break up the day and it’s always good to raise money for charity.”

Sarah, another challenger, said: “Me and my husband came in after hearing a bit of commotion from outside. I played the robot but I don’t think I returned a single ball. It’s all for a good cause though so happy to donate money!”

Richard Colman, the project manager of Westport, said: “It’s a lot of fun, we’ve had a huge variety of people coming down to challenege our robot”

“We’ve had people in suits on their work breaks, a school of french students and everyone in between.”

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Westport is a Bristol based charity which raises awareness for the mental and physical benefits of sport.

Sport Relief has been running every 2 years since 2002 and raises money through sporting activities to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

In 2016, Sport Relief raised a record £55 million.

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