Survivalist jailed after explosion in Bedminster

Survivalist jailed after explosion in Bedminster

A binman has been jailed for possession of explosive substances such as flash powder, black powder, ETN (erythritol tetranitrate), HMTD and PETN.

Reeco Fernandez, 29, was jailed for three years and three months.

He was taken to hospital on the 8th of September, after one of his improvised explosive device (IED) exploded in his bedroom in their family house.

Mr Fernandez suffered burns on over 22 percent of his body and spent 18 days in hospital.

Reeco Fernandez
Reeco Fernandez

During the investigation police found over a hundred IEDs hidden around the property alongside with arrows, military-style rucksacks full of portioned dry foods.

Further inspection revealed that Mr Fernandez has been buying explosives over the internet for years, but there was no evidence linking him to organised crime.

Up to 80 people living nearby were evacuated by emergency services after the explosives were found.

Some people were unable to return home for days and instead were put in temporary accommodation.

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At today’s hearing Assistant Chief Constable Caroline Peters said  that “Reeco Fernandez is someone who is interested in impending world disasters and had for some time been making his own preparations for a major event.

His family said they were aware of his fascination, but thought it was a innocent hobby.

Mary Cowe, defending Mr Fernandez, said her remorseful client apologised to people for his actions, saying he had wanted to help others and make his family proud.


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