Ah’keill Walker’s condition “inconsistent” with his parents’ version of events

Ah’keill Walker’s condition “inconsistent” with his parents’ version of events

The paramedic who found a three year old unconscious at his house in July 2016 has told Bristol Crown Court that his parents’ record of events was inconsistent with the way he was found.

The paramedic, Gary Mills, said that he found Ah’keill naked and soaking wet, with “dilated eyes” and “pink bubbles” at his nose.

Mills said Ah’keill “looked like he had just gotten out of the bath” when he arrived.

His parents, Alistair Walker and Hannah Henry, both said in their initial statements that he hadn’t been in the bath, but was given a drink of water and then temporarily left alone before being found “limp” on the bed.

Bristol Crown Court
Bristol Crown Court

The parents claim they then poured water on his face to wake him up.

Mills described Ah’keill as being “a lot wetter than a couple of handfuls of water.”

Mills found Ah’keill with laboured breathing and water coming from his mouth at his family home on 31 July, 2016.

He used several different medical devices to attempt to block Ah’keill’s oesophagus and restore a regular oxygen flow to his lungs.

He also used a defibrillator but could not get Ah’keill’s heart rate or breathing back to a normal rate.

Ah’keill was then rushed to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Bristol Children's Hospital where Ah'keill died
Bristol Children’s Hospital where Ah’keill died

The following morning A CT scan showed he had a non-survivable brain injury and doctors made the decision to take him off of life-support.

His cause of death was lack of oxygen to the brain.

The prosecutor, Andrew Langdon QC, said: “Drowning cannot be excluded as a cause.

“You will have to consider whether Ah’Kiell was deliberately submerged in water or whether water was poured down his throat.”

His dilated pupils were also consistent with him being “seriously shaken” before death, he said.

The court heard that Ah’keill had also suffered four older rib fractures and a broken shoulder which were suspected to have been inflicted 3 to 4 weeks before he died.

His parents Andrew Walker and Hannah Henry are accused of manslaughter but deny all charges.

The trial continues.

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