Travellers leave Metrobus route, near Long Ashton Park & Ride

Travellers leave Metrobus route, near Long Ashton Park & Ride

The group of travellers that set up home along the closed South Bristol Link Road have started leaving the site.

Only 4 of the 15 caravans remain which belonged to the community of travellers, who began appearing at around 6pm on Wednesday.

It comes after North Somerset Council have stated they need to carry out a welfare checks on the group before allowing them to move on, with specific concern for a pregnant woman.

The road they settled on was part of a newly-built Metrobus route, which has faced controversy this week after the bus company removed the planned route from their Online map.

The council issued a statement, stating that “if all members of the community are okay to travel then they will be served a notice to quit by all council officers”.

If a notice is served and the travellers were not to leave, the council would have to seek to have them removed by force through a court action.

Earlier today, with the number of caravans having dwindled, as well as sightings of cars filled with families also seen leaving the road today.

As the distraction from the traveller’s leaves, attention again will be turned on to Metrobus, who will have to answer to the outcry from the South Bristol community for the removal of the bus route from Long Ashton Park & Ride to Hengrove.

South Bristol’s MP Karin Smyth was highly frustrated at the situation, telling the Bristol Post that, “Metrobus has deceived people”.
The Long Ashton Park & Ride to Hengrove route was only a “future aspiration” according to Metrobus.

The other three new Metrobus routes that have been built around the city will launch this year, with the opening of the M3 route on the 29th May.

Metrobus Route Maps, South Bristol Link has been removed
Metrobus Route Maps, Bristol

This service which will be operated by First Western, will operate between Emersons Green and the city centre.

Metrobus also announced that Bristol Community Transport will be operating the M1 route – which will be the longest of the new routes on the current map. This will run between Cribbs Causeway and Hengrove Park.

As a result of this, 60 new jobs will be created, as well as £7 million will be invested into 21 new biogas buses, which run on recycled gas from food waste.

There is no word from Metrobus yet as to the current status of the M2 route and whether it will be opening.

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