‘Upfest’ launches crowdfunding campaign

‘Upfest’ launches crowdfunding campaign

Upfest, the largest street art and graffiti festival in Europe, has launched a crowdfunding appeal after funding was lost.

The festival is free to attend, and is held every year in the Bedminster district of Bristol.

It showcases around 350 artists and attracts roughly 50,000 people from all over the world.

But the 2018 festival, which will run from the 28-30 July, is struggling for funds after supermarket group ASDA pulled its funding from the local Business Investment District (BID) project.

The ASDA store in Bedminster
The ASDA store in Bedminster

ASDA were one of the main contributors to the BID project, and the festival relied heavily on funding from the BID scheme.

In reaction to this, Upfest has set up a crowdfunding appeal to try and raise some of the funds that they need in order to make the festival a success.

Stephen Hayles, founder of Upfest, said: ”Unfortunately there was a vote a couple of weeks ago and now the BID is no more, so we have obviously lost part of our funding for the festival.

”The crowdfunding we’ve set up for Upfest will run until 13 May, and we’re looking to raise about £20,000 – which is about a sixth of the festivals budget.”

He added: ”The festival is definitely going ahead, but the support of everybody can help make it that much better, and support those great artists who have come here under their own steam.”

This year will be the tenth anniversary of the festival, and organisers are planning some special surprises as part of the celebrations.

”We’ve got a number of very high profile artists coming from around the world, as well as a few special things lined up under our sleeves,” said Hayles.

Donations to Upfest can be made on the crowdfunding page.

For further information about the festival itself, visit their website.

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