Bower News Live: Updates on Friday 26 October, 2018

Bower News Live: Updates on Friday 26 October, 2018

15:31 Local coffee shop tempting people to go green with oat milk offer

Friska, Bristol based coffee shop, is highlighting the benefits of moving to alternative milks to your carbon footprint.

Their 80% off your latte if you use oat milk over cows milk reflects the 80% less CO2 used to create it.

Friska oat milk promotion aims to combat Co2 emissions


15:19 Business Minster visits Bristol BioDesign Institute 

The Rt Hon Lord Henley visited Bristol University to discuss the work of Bristol Universities world leading £104 million institute.

“Bristol’s innovative businesses and academics are applying science and engineering to seize the biggest opportunities and tackle the greatest challenges of our time,” shared the business minister.

15:06 Local music venue saved 

The Exchange, Old Market, has reached their funding goal and secured its future.

Receiving £10,000 investment from fellow Bristol venue, The Fleece to push it over the £250,000 needed.

“It’s vital that all the local grassroots music venues stick together, because they’re dropping like flies around the country at the moment” said Chris Sharp, owner of The Fleece.

Bristol music venue the Exchange reaches £250,000 campaign goal

14:38 Local rescue centre warns of increase in abandoned bunnies

Sue O’Reilly, The Littlest Rescue, Bristol’s largest rabbit and guinea pig rescue centre, spoke out today about the recent upswing in abandoned animals.

She alleged that both families and breeders who are dumping pets to fend for themselves.

Abandoned rabbits: Bristol buns on the run

14:23 Long delays for Bristol to Cardiff trains 

Due to signalling issues trains between Bristol and Cardiff have been delayed and cancelled.

More disruption expected before the situation is resolved.

14:05 Bearpit petition going viral

In the last hour ‘Save Our Bear’ petition on Bristol Council website has gained nearly 200 more votes in the last two hours, bringing it up to 1,082. The campaign is being shared widely on social media.

11:52 Petition launched to save Bearpit statue 

Over 900 people and counting have signed ‘Save Our Bear’ petition since it was launched on Wednesday.

Bristol City Council have taken control of the Bearpit and have ordered the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft and Bearpit Improvement Group to remove their property from the area by January.

“Ursa Bear brings smiles to our faces, she represents creativity, alternative thinking and freedom of expression,” said Caitlin Telfer, who started the petition.

“She represents community and what public space should be. Our freedoms in public space are being rapidly reduced without consultation.”


11:35 Police thank Community Leaders after immigration stand off 

In a statement Avon and Somerset police said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to community leaders in Easton who worked with us throughout the night to help resolve a public order issue peacefully and without incident.

“We will always facilitate peaceful and lawful protest and we are pleased to say that thanks to the support from our community leaders, and people living locally, the situation was resolved at around 5am this morning when the Immigration Enforcement officers were able to leave the area without incident or injury and without the necessity for any arrests.”


11:25 Protesters block immigration officers in Easton last night

Around 100 protesters gathered last night in Chelsea Road to prevent the removal of a man being detained by immigration officers.

The people gathered used vehicles to block the road and one man stood on top of the UK Border Agency Vehicle to prevent the officers carrying out their aims.

10:56: Cossham Birth Centre closure continues

Pregnant women are being diverted to Southmead Hospital as Cossham Birth Centre closure is extended.

NHS bosses said the move was a result of a combination of high numbers of women needing to be induced and low staffing.

“We recognise that any changes to a woman’s pre-planned maternity care, and the choice they have made about where to have their baby, can be disappointing,” said Interim Director of Nursing at North Bristol NHS Trust, Helen Blanchard.

“However, our absolute priority must be the overall safety of all women and babies in our care. We will reopen Cossham Birth Centre as soon as possible.”

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