Bristol Housing Festival offers affordable solutions

Bristol Housing Festival offers affordable solutions

A festival in Bristol is bringing local architects, the public and the city council together to look at the future of Bristol’s urban planning.

The Bristol Housing Festival at Harbourside until 4th November is currently showing a modular home that can be built within a month for as little as £12,000.

The event comes while more than 11,000 people are currently on the housing register in the city, according to HomeChoice Bristol.

Increasing numbers of homelessness and lack of affordable housing has put Bristol at crisis point.

The lack of affordable housing is a problem many cities across the UK are facing, with Bristol only approving the building of 240 affordable homes in 2016.

But the solution people behind the festival has is much more affordable, and could cost half the price.

Paul Clarke from BHF said: “We will be building these in houses in the city looking to start building communities and the land as been pledged by the council for this purpose.”

One of the modular homes on display known as ‘Carl’s Haven’  has been created with the homeless in mind.

This is an initiative to help train and equip the homeless with the skill needed to convert shipping containers in luxury temporary homes.

The current numbers of homeless people has risen sharply in recent years.

The latest figures from Bristol City Council says that there are more than 134 families with children who have been accepted as homeless, and council workers found 86 people sleeping rough during their annual count this year.

Bristol mayor Marvin Rees said it is important to capture the innovation and hope that this event bring while grappling with the city challenges of homelessness, affordable housing and vibrant communities.

“The festival is about making the city a living exhibition of the latest and most inventive approaches to housing an the launch sets the scene for our unorthodox approach,” he said.

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