Bristol underground metro: Taxes could rise for £4bn transport plan

Bristol is drafting a new transport strategy within it is an ambitious plan for an Underground Metro

Council tax, business rates, workplace parking levies as well as the introduction of a city wide congestion charge are all being considered by Bristol City Council to pay for a £4bn underground rail system.

The idea is being floated as part of a new transport strategy for the next 18 years.

Continued growth of housing and jobs are just one of several issues the transport strategy seeks to improve along with the UK Government’s pledge to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.  

The council is canvassing Bristolians’ priorities and has a survey which closes next Friday, 2 November.

With the imminent loss of European funding after Brexit, the survey has specified the need for alternative ways of financing  such ambitious schemes. 

“We’re testing if the public think congestion charging would be something favourable if there was something at the end of it such as a big mass transit system that could help transport more people around the city”

Jodi Savickas, Transport policy, bidding and strategic projects manager, Bristol City Council

The survey closes on Friday 2 November and results are expected to be announced on 31 January 2019.

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