Friska oat milk promotion aims to combat Co2 emissions

Friska oat milk promotion aims to combat Co2 emissions

Bristol coffee chain Friska has launched a new campaign to encourage people to switch to environmentally friendly oat milk.

Friska has partnered with Oatly, a major producer of milk alternatives.

Customers who choose to have Oatly oat milk in their coffee will receive a 80% discount, in line with the fact that oat milk production creates 80% less Co2 than the production of cow’s milk.

Dairy is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, with studies estimating it makes up around 18 percent of human-produced emissions worldwide – more than all forms of transport combined.

A barista smiles behind the counter at Bristol Friska
Sophie, a barista at Friska on Park Street

Sophie, a barista at the Park Street branch of Friska said: “We feel like Oatly has pushed people into making more sustainable choices.”

“Nowadays, people are more willing to try alternative milks.”

Sophie also noted the increased numbers of students trying the alternative milk.

She said: “We have been very busy and I have noticed a lot of students specifically have been drawn to come to Friska, and often they do really like the environmental and sustainability side of that.”

“I think it’s something they really resonate with and therefore want to support.”

Park Street Friska
Friska, Park Street

This is not the first time Oatly has ventured into the specialist coffee industry. In September, the brand showcased a special collaboration with Bath’s Roundhill Roastery, who produced coffee beans specially roasted to compliment the unique texture and taste of oat milk.

Friska’s move to cut emissions comes just days after a Bristol MP made a statement in Parliament encouraging people to cut animal products from their diet.

Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire, said: “The serious point is that going meat-free or reducing the amount of meat we eat one day a week makes a huge contribution to reducing our emissions.”

A poster advertising Oatly at Friska
A poster advertising Oatly at Friska

Members of the Bristol public have expressed their support for the campaign.

One local said: “If I went into a cafe and they were giving a discount on that I would definitely consider it.”

Others were not so convinced, with one person saying: “I don’t like it. I wouldn’t buy something I don’t like.”

However the campaign has received a positive response with many suggesting it would make them consider the environmental impact of their drink choices.

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