Bristol at Night: The new guardians of your night out

This week marked the launch of the Bristol @ Night panel. Its aim? To support Bristol’s nighttime economy.

Local residents have been calling for a nighttime representative since the city of Amsterdam crowned Mirik Milan it’s first ‘nachtburgemeester’, or Night Mayor, in 2014.

The panel will support takeaway restaurants, emergency services and sex entertainment workers as well as live music venues, bars and clubs. This comes at a time when many Bristol venues claim that they are under threat of closing due to planning laws.

Marti Burgess, owner of Lakota nightclub and chair of St. Paul’s carnival is heading up the panel: ”We’re hoping to become a voice for the nighttime economy. Often in Bristol big decisions are made and then the nighttime economy is an afterthought.”

Councillor Nicola Beech, Cabinet Member for Spatial Planning and City Design at Bristol City Council joins Ms. Burgess on the panel.  Councillor Beech claims that the panel is ”already taking positive steps as we review the council’s planning polices and recommend introducing a principle to ensure developers properly soundproof new properties.”

Ms. Burgess is hoping to exact tangible change in the city. ”London has had a Night Czar and they’ve made big infrastructure changes to help the nighttime economy like making the tubes go through the night. It had an absolute, automatic boost to the nighttime economy. So there’s things that we can do in Bristol.”

The panel will recruit more members in the coming weeks to represent the diversity of Bristol’s nighttime economy and protect your night out.

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