Period poverty: Bristol schools help girls stay in class

Period poverty: Bristol schools help girls stay in class

Every girl in Bristol is to be given access to sanitary products after the Council agreed to support a nationwide campaign to end period poverty.

A Channel Four factcheck report in June concluded that the UK average spend is £128 a year, or £10 a month – and that 10% of girls reported being unable to afford to buy sanitary products.

Founded in Portsmouth in March 2017, the Red Box Project asks for donations of sanitary products so that girls don’t miss school during their periods.

Cotham School said they had been providing girls with tampons before the project started and that the additional publicity on Facebook, Twitter had raised awareness of the issue.  A spokeswoman said they had ‘been delighted with the response’

Caroline McCabe from Red Box Bristol said: “I am thrilled that Bristol is leading the way in ending period poverty in school’s and we are looking forward to working with them on this project.”

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