Ambitious investment to put Avon and Somerset police at ‘forefront of policing’

Ambitious investment to put Avon and Somerset police at ‘forefront of policing’

A £12 million investment for Avon and Somerset police has been implemented on the streets of Bristol, with an aim to reduce the amount of time officers spend at their stations.

With the addition of up-to-date laptops and mobile devices, police are now able to complete necessary paperwork from their vehicles, eliminating the need to return to their station after responding to most incidents.

Deputy Chief Constable Sarah Crew said: “In Avon and Somerset we are committed to giving our officers the tools they need to be outstanding at serving the public.

“When it comes to technology, this means the best that is on offer so that they can be visible, accessible and fully equipped to respond wherever they are”.

“Our officers are now able to use their devices wherever they happen to be, so they are making better use of community spaces such as cafes, libraries and community centres, as well as partner agencies’ sites, in order to do their work on the go and without needing to return to the police station so often”.

Avon and Somerset Police hope the investment will increase the visibility of officers throughout Bristol as well as increase the public’s confidence in their service.

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said the “ambitious” investment puts Avon and Somerset at the “forefront of policing”.

Regarding the update to police technology, Patchway based officer PC Daniel Moulden stated “It just makes life easier. I can update logs, access our databases and send an email from wherever my shift takes me. It just makes life so much easier for me.”

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