Bristol car park installs anti-homeless devices

Bristol car park installs anti-homeless devices

Trenchard Street Car Park has implemented anti begging bollards next to its pay stations in a divisive move by Bristol City Council .

The decision comes following “multiple complaints” to the council regarding beggars within the car park.

Person in sleeping bag at Trenchard Street car park, photo Nikki Ruck

Bristol Mayor’s office released this statement regarding the decision;

“Over the last two years we’ve had numerous reports of anti-social behaviour inside Trenchard Street car park and our outreach teams are working directly with those in the area who are known to the service to try and help them access support”.

“The bollards have been installed only around the pay stations in the car park in response to a sharp increase in the number of complaints of aggressive begging in these areas”.

One gentleman who has been living on the streets of Bristol for two years said that they understood the council’s decision considering the amount of rough sleepers who use Trenchard Street car park for shelter.

The individual who asked not to be named, said “how scary it can be for young families who are going to the Hippodrome” despite the message it sends to Bristol’s homeless population.

Hostile architecture has become commonplace for many Bristol residents, with anti loitering devices installed across the city.

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