Bristol comes out in support of Trans Pride South West

Bristol comes out in support of Trans Pride South West

Transgender and non-binary Bristolians are coming together this week to celebrate the trans community and address issues facing transgender people.

The week began with a sombre vigil at Bristol’s Anson Rooms to commemorate Transgender Day Of Remembrance- a worldwide day of mourning for transgender people who have died as the result of transphobic violence, and continues through the weekend with events, workshops, meet-ups, and celebrations.

Sophie, who has been involved in the event since it started three years ago, spoke of the importance of coming together as a community and said the event would allow people “to find new people, learn from each other, have that facility to learn and speak and come out and shout”.

Sophie emphasised the importance of discussion and conversations round trans issues, adding: “Not one person can speak for the whole trans community, but you can be part of the community and speak as part of the community.”

“Willingness to learn from people is the only way to move forward”

A memorial table at the Transgender Day Of Remembrance Vigil


A sold out night of trans cabaret celebrated the beauty of trans and non-binary lives.

Thorny, a queer-led artist collective, led a night of spoken word, stand up comedy, and performance art at the Brunswick Club, to a packed-out crowd.

Joe from Thorny praised the value of the Trans Pride South West festival, adding: “It is important to have trans pride as an event, especially as a lot of the main pride events that happen around the country become more celebrated by the rest of society, there’s certain voices that get forgotten in that, particularly the more marginalised groups, so it’s good to shine a light on those.”

The main event of the festival will be the Community Day at The Station tomorrow, where charities and organisations will gather, with stalls, information, and fun. The event is free to attend and runs from noon until 4pm.

Saturday will also see meet-up events for trans-masculine people, trans-feminine people, and non-binary people, that will give people the opportunity to connect, share, and meet new people who share their gender identity.

Sister Venus Zuela and Sister Ann Tici…Pation, of the Bristol Order Of Perpetual Indulgence

Members of the Bristol Order of Perpetual Indulgence, a global organisation dedicated to spreading joy and love, have been seen attending many of the events and will be at the Trans Pride Community Day.

Sister Ann Tici…Pation shared the importance of celebrating those who live outside the confines of what society considers “normal”,  and the importance of using your voice – and any privilege you may have – for good.

“Very few people use their voice to communicate downwards that everyone is to be respected.”

“We are all together as one clan, fighting for joy. Just be yourself and have fun and take enjoyment and try to put some beautiful energy out into the world”

To find out more, see the Trans Pride South West Facebook Page

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