Fit gets real for Bristol Women

Fit gets real for Bristol Women

This week Bristol women have been enjoying free access to fitness classes as part of the This Girl Can campaign.

This Girl Can is a nationwide campaign with the aim of breaking down the barriers around exercise and to get women and girls moving regardless of shape, size and ability.

In the UK an estimated 1.5 million fewer women than men currently take part in regular sport or activity.

Sport England research shows that in Bristol there are about 100,000 inactive women and that 75 per cent of women would like to do more but fear of judgment is stopping them.

A huge range of activities including boxing, pilates, self defense and swimming were included in the free class timetable.

The Bristol University Students’ Union confirmed that the week has been a big success, and all of the classes have been fully booked.

Bower News spoke exclusively to Tom Wallis, the Student Development Co-ordinator at Bristol University about the campaign.

“It’s a really positive campaign,” he said.

“It is supposed to break down those barriers and show that women can do sport, they should do sport and we should allow them to do sport.”

This Girl Can class timetable













The most popular event according to the Students’ Union has been the women’s take over of the weights section of the gym.

Tom told us that the weights section is “normally a very male dominated environment and when you see the women coming out of that they are glowing, they are positive, they are really happy and really encouraged”.

He added that the Students’ Union is looking to continue the campaign for the rest of the year “as it shouldn’t just be one week of classes that stops – the initiative to get women into sport should be continued”.

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