Turkey raffle gets the stuffing knocked out of it

Turkey raffle gets the stuffing knocked out of it

A city farm in Bristol has abandoned its annual turkey auction after complaints from vegan campaigners.

St Werburgh’s City Farm (SWCF) cancelled the event following a number of emails from the campaigners.

The farm sells the turkeys to raise money for disadvantaged people in the area.

SWCF said: “We are aware that raising animals for meat is an emotive issue, and having listened to the views of a small section of our community, we have decided not to hold our annual turkey auction.

“However, the aims and objectives of the farm will remain unchanged and our turkeys will still be sold for Christmas.”

Bristol Vegan Action, a group of campaigners who opposed the auction, said: “We oppose any killing of sentient beings for unnecessary reasons.

“It is a good first step as their lives and deaths won’t be made into a game, however it is not a victory as their lives are still to be ended as it stands presently.”

Bristol Vegan Action say they still plan on doing a fundraiser to donate to the homeless charity, so that the SWCF’s aims will still be honoured.

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