Bower News Live: Friday 7 December, 2018

Bower News Live: Friday 7 December, 2018

14:45  ‘Bloodhound SSC’ supersonic vehicle fails to make it off the mark

Bristol’s ‘The Bloodhound Project’ have announced that they have been unable to pull together the necessary funding to continue working on the ‘Bloodhound SSc’.

It was announced today that the project has been axed after ten years of development without the vehicle having ever attempting its goal of a land-speed of 1,000 mph.

14:17 8 year debate over playing field usage comes to an end 

After eight years of discussion, Cotham School has been granted permission to fence off its playing fields from the public.

Stoke Lodge playing fields have long been used by residents despite the school’s battle to keep the land solely for the benefit of its students.

“We are delighted to announce that students will be returning to the school playing fields at Stoke Lodge very soon. Students have not been able to use the sports fields since 2014.”

14:00 O2 blackout leaves millions without data

O2 boss Mark Evans has publicly apologised to customers following the companies mass service outage yesterday.

It is estimated that 32 million customers were unable to use internet data through Thursday 6th, with the issue finally being resolved in the early hours of this morning.


13:49 Bristol to receive £4 million in funding for creative industries

The government will grant the city of Bristol £4 million in support of its creative sector.

The money is part of £20 million initiative that hopes to promote creativity nationwide and support the country’s £100 billion creative economy.

Man posing with tripod on Nelson Street,  Bristol, Picture by Vanilla Films, Source Unsplash

13:29 12 year old boy filmed with large knife outside Bristol school

An unnamed individual showing off a large knife outside Downend School has been questioned by police.

The footage made national headlines with the Sun newspaper describing the boy as a “yob” .

The school which has 1100 students, insists that the boy was not affiliated with their institution and have brought forward police led lessons on knife crime for all its students .

13:10 Campaigners call on council to save Stokes Croft community center 

Bristol charity ‘Coexist’ have petitioned the council to save Hamilton House from being redeveloped.

Campaigners have reached the 3500 signatures necessary for the community hub’s future to be debated by the council.

Save Hamilton House mural, photo by Sam Saunders

12:54 “Wonkee Wednesdays” well-being campaign opposed by students

Bath University have come under fire following their decision to run a campaign focusing on the mental health of students under the banner “Wonkee Wednesdays”.

The campaign has been accused of being “derogatory” toward those with mental illness, however a spokesperson for university has defended the name, saying “Why is being a wonkee bad? This is the perfect opportunity to flip any negative connotations on their head and see it as a positive.”

As a result of the backlash, Bath uni have renamed the campaign to ‘WOW – Wellbeing on Wednesdays: promoting wellbeing’

12:47 Council set to buy Hartcliffe campus for building of 350 new homes

Bristol University’s Hartcliffe campus is to be sold to Bristol City Council for the building of 350 new homes.

30% of homes built under the proposal will be considered affordable housing, however Housing minister Paul Smith hopes to see the figure rise to 50%.

The site is next to Hengrove Park which is already being developed into 1500 new homes in a council led scheme.

11:53 Bristol MP demands more Police funding

MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, says local council tax payers should not be forced to pay more despite a fall in Police funding.

This comes after Bristol City Council’s warning that council tax could rise by up to 4%.

“The Government has been warned by senior policing figures across the country that the current funding situation is unsustainable.” she said.

“Expecting local council tax payers to fund policing us not the answer. The Government needs to give our police the resources they need to tackle crime and keep people safe.”

11:16 Daffodils found blooming out of season

October and November’s higher than average temperatures have resulted in flowers sprouting months ahead of schedule.

Conservationist Steve England found Daffodils emerging on the grounds of Southmead Hospital on Wednesday. Mr England attributes the sighting to rising temperatures.

“Over the last six years, it’s become a norm for me to find things that are out of sync. So, for instance, right now, in early December, the dawn chorus in the woods has already started, and it normally isn’t heard until early March” he said.

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