University changes name for ‘Wonkee Wednesday’ well-being campaign

University changes name for ‘Wonkee Wednesday’ well-being campaign

Bath Spa students have been voicing their opposition to ‘Wonkee Wednesdays’, the name of the university’s mental health ‘celebration’ day.

The name, conceived by the university Student Support team, was one of “a number of ‘W’s’ [that were] considered, including wobbly” and was “in no way intended to be derogatory” according to Accessibility Advisor for Mental Halth, Emily Weskin.

“The term could be seen as a negative, but why? Why is being a wonkee bad? This is the perfect opportunity to flip any negative connotations on their head and see it as a positive.”

Student’s on the other hand have been voicing their concerns on social media.

Christopher Davies, head of communications at Bath Spa, said: “It’s been running since beginning of term with no concerns until this week, as far as I am aware, our concerns are with the students’ wellbeing and not the name of the campaign.”

Bath Spa have decided to change the name in light of the opposition.

The university stated: “‘Wonkee Wednesday’ is a play on words, aimed at grabbing attention and generating discussion.
“Universities are seeing a continuing rise in the numbers of students experiencing mental health challenge and we believe the ways of dealing with this challenge need refreshing.
“Bath Spa University is committed to supporting all our students’ mental wellbeing and works closely with each of them to ensure their time here is enjoyable and successful.
“Over the past nine weeks over 1,000 students have engaged with our new wellbeing programme.
“We welcome discussion and debate within our University community and don’t want concerns raised by some to detract from the important focus of the events over the rest of the year, so we are re-branding the campaign to “WOW – Wellbeing on Wednesdays: promoting wellbeing.”

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