Travel news: Severn bridge weekend disruption

Travel news: Severn bridge weekend disruption

Drivers going over the Severn bridges this weekend will face disruption as work starts to remove the toll booths on the Prince of Wales Bridge.

This is ahead of the crossing becoming toll-free from Monday.

Three lanes are currently closed westbound and the bridge will close completely close from 8pm tonight.

This pattern of work will continue over the weekend and affected motorists will be diverted to the M48 crossing.

Daily commuters across the bridge can expect a potential saving of around £1,400 per year.

Collector Deborah Hitchins is being made redundant. She blogged: ” I love to welcome people into my beautiful homeland of Wales  and I always reassure them that £5.60 is truly a bargain.

If you’re crossing the bridges over the next few weeks then, by all means, be happy that you won’t have to pay for much longer. But also remember that there won’t be anyone to welcome you to Wales anymore.  I shall miss welcoming the world to Wales.  It’s been the loveliest job in the world.”

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